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2 years ago

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Let me say up front that I'm pretty conservative when it comes to sex, but that changed recently when I was on a business trip to Manchester. I travel a lot and when I was in Ashton, to witness an accident and went to the local police station to report. My statement was taken from a very attractive woman statuseque police. She had short bestporn blond hair and to my surprise, a great sense of humor. They were very good and on impulse I told bestporn her to stay in the city and I could buy a meal. To my surprise he said yes and I started to pick it up at night. When I knocked on his door and went out it was far larger than that seemed cast. The good mood continued, and we went to a bestporn very good appetite. I left his house and expected to be in my way when I asked for coffee. He put some music and the romantic, who invited bestporn her to dance. It was a slow romantic number, and we just slipped into a comfortable walking with his apartment. She had a bestporn few drinks andvery relaxed. Ohn twarnig she kissed me and quickly became a passion. We went to bed nad slowly undressed. She was given almost two meters tall and beautiful. Large firm breasts and a great athletic body. She (Blonde Bush) was cut and her ass was incredible, perfectly rounded. We were both naked bestporn and in a few minutes after injury due attention to her breasts, in the south. I started licking her clit and lips parted and went mad, which smelled and tasted lwonderful. She was starting to lick orgasm and I...... began to push my face and was all I could do to stay between the thighs beautiful. Without warning, I felt a lot of fluid in the mouth and realized to urinate involuntarily. Strangely, I could not move my mouth and stays there with her mouth full of urine. I swallowed hard and looked to see if they had realized what he had done. She opened her mouth to breathe, and sat down. We look at Other, and took each others' hands. "I started and I could not stop," she said, " and when I saw what he did he became so on. " I confessed that I liked to my utter surprise. Then performed to make love and it was really the best sex I ever had. when we were there we talked about gold shwers and laughed at him, but has long turned to me and told me I shoud return the compliment. I was on my way to the bathroom and she followed me in He knelt in the tub and when I started to pee, he said, holding my penis semi rigid and pointed it at them beasts. Part of it was in the fingers that tentatively licked, "OK," she said, raising even more cock injected into the mouth, some in his mouth and swallowed it. My cock was raging hard again, so he leaned over the tub fucking, activated by the tits and ass sexy swing, as he proposed to her. eah Now we see on a regular basis and have incredible sex. We believe that no water at all times, but to bestporn dohappens bestporn inside and out. really surprises me when I go to see the ads that says "No water. " I had the same opnion the accident. It can and it was very bestporn erotic. Goddess on my knees the police while urinating fucking amazing. By the way, urine is sterile, and I've read that has great health benefits......
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